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A Better Way to Manage IT

Smaller businesses and organizations have limited choices to meet their technology needs. They are caught between hiring expensive IT professionals, purchasing services a la carte from multiple vendors, figuring out how to do IT themselves, or a combination of all three.

WebStupet has a better way! Let us be a one-stop shop for your technology needs. 


  • STARTS AT $19.95 PER MONTH, the WebStupet Business Plan provides the most basic IT services a business or organization needs a website and email. The building of the website and secure hosting is included in the plan price.  The plan also includes five domain email accounts and unlimited forwarding emails.
  • ADD-ON SERVICES - Additional email accounts? Need Microsoft Office 365?  Add an online store? Customize your plan while adding only the services that benefit your business.  
  • ONGOING SUPPORT - WebStupet provides you with complementary hours to support your IT needs. Complementary hours can be used to update your website content or design, maintain your online stores, or maintain your other IT services. The WebStupet complementary hours program means most customers never pay more than the base price of their services, even when they make changes. WebStupet also maintains a knowledge base of help documentation at
  • ADVANCED SERVICES - WebStupet wants to be the go-to for all your IT needs.  Our advanced services group can take care of special needs like integrating your online store into your accounting system or big jobs like system deployments and conversions.  Request a proposal. 

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