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Basic Plan Starting at $19.95 per month

  • GET STARTED WITH YOUR OWN WEBSITE - WebStupet takes care of everything.  We build up to five web pages and host your website.  If you want, we even take care of registering your domain.  Upgrades are available for websites requiring more than five web pages.
  • MANAGED CONTENT - WebStupet works with you to keep your website current. All clients receive a content management plan, which will be performed and maintained by WebStupet.   
  • SECURE - Every website includes an SSL certificate, which helps to protect the privacy of the people who visit your website and helps your website rank higher in search engines.
  • EMAIL INCLUDED - Enhance your businesses image with email accounts from your domain.  Five email accounts are included with every plan. Upgrades are available for clients who need more than five email accounts.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE PLANS - Customize your plan to meet all of your technology needs.  See our add-on options below.  Clients who don't need a traditional website can even substitute an add-on for the same low price of 19.95 per month.
  • ACCESSIBILITY - All WebStupet services are cloud-based so all you need is a computer or tablet and access to the Internet. 
  • WORRY FREE BACKUPS - Webstupet protects you from data loss with automatic backups of all services.

WebStupet Add-Ons

Only $9.95 per month each


Increase your businesses sales by adding an e-commerce system to your package. Fully customizable this system can be configured as an online store or as an online ordering system. Administrative access gives you access to powerful sales management tools and allows you to maintain your catalog. 


Take control of your business finances by adding an accounting and ERP system to your package. The system is fully customizable to your business and industry.  Like all WebStupet Services, the system is easily accessible by all your employees via the Internet and is automatically backed providing you peace of mind.  

HR Management

Manage your employees more efficiently by adding an HRM system to your package. Reduce administrative work through the employee self-service. Track time and attendance, performance, reviews, expenses, and more. Use the recruitment module to manage the hiring process and maintain an organizational job board. 

Document Management

Effectively distribute your organization's important documents and facilitate collaboration between staff members. The system includes document version tracking and check in/out. Set up security and access by department or individual.

Terms and Conditons

5 Email Account Bundle                                                    $1.95 per month
Additional Web Page (each)                                            $2.95 per month
Large Email Box (per email account)                          $3.95 per month
Subdomain Package                                                          $4.95 per month
Microsoft Office 365 (each, includes email)             $14.95 per month

Hosting Services
Terms and Conditions

Web Space Hosting                                                             $2.95 per month
Domain Registration                                                          $2.95 per month
My SQL Database (each)                                                   $1.95 per month

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